Apply for Funding

Bentham Europe welcomes applications for funding from within the UK and any other jurisdiction within Europe.

The process of applying for our funding is straightforward. You can contact one of our staff if you require further information by telephone or email. We will respond promptly and will be happy to discuss your claim with you and whether it would be suitable for funding.

Normally what happens is:

  1. The person with the claim (the "litigant") or their solicitor contacts Bentham Europe and outlines the nature of the claim and its possible value. This is an application for funding.
  2. Bentham Europe will then review the application and any enclosed documents, and requests further information as required.
  3. Bentham Europe will obtain a fee estimate from the lawyers if the claim is otherwise suitable for funding and facilitate an offer of funding by sending the litigant or their lawyer a funding agreement. Each funding agreement is different because no case is the same.
  4. Bentham Ventures B.V. offer will usually provide that it will pay the fees of the lawyers and pay any adverse costs order. Bentham Ventures may also provide security for costs if security for costs is ordered by the Court. In return, Bentham Ventures receives an assignment of part of the fruits of the action and is entitled to be paid its fee (success fee and project management fee) and the costs it has paid, from the recoveries.
  5. Bentham Ventures' success fee is normally a percentage of the settlement or judgment proceeds. It ranges between 20% and 40% of any recovery and normally reduces the earlier the litigation is resolved.
  6. Factors affecting the percentage include:
    • the level of legal fees and disbursements expected to be incurred;
    • the strength of the case;
    • the likely capacity of the defendant to meet a judgment; and
    • the time it will take for the case to be completed.

If the litigation is lost, Bentham Ventures receives no return and will pay any adverse costs order (in respect of costs incurred during the term of the funding agreement).