Litigation Funding


Bentham Ventures’ funding is strictly non-recourse, meaning if your case fails, there is no need to repay the funding.

What are the Funding Criteria?

To be eligible for funding, your case must, among other criteria, meet the following preliminary requirements:

  • The claim has strong prospects of success; and
  • The damages claimed in the case exceed €50 million; and
  • The proposed Defendant or Defendants have the capacity to pay.

What Types of Cases?

Bentham Ventures will fund most types of single-party commercial claims, including breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, copyright/trademark/patent infringement, environmental and competition claims. It will also fund domestic and international arbitrations and insolvency related cases.

Bentham Ventures will fund multiparty actions where the estimated damages exceed €50 million.

How Does the Process Work?

The first step is to provide Bentham Europe with information regarding the case. Under a non disclosure agreement, we will assess the merits of the case and if our due diligence suggests it warrants funding from Bentham Ventures, we will make a funding offer, finalise terms and then execute a litigation funding agreement.

If you have a case that meets our criteria please click on the: Apply for Funding